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Jeroen is available for conferences, TV and press interviews, and keynote speeches.
Conservation and Life Choices.

Jeroen never set out to have a career in public speaking, but what started as a few talks and school assemblies has turned into a regular speaking schedule. Jeroen’s topics of choice are either conservation, or the importance of following your passion when it comes to major life choices, like career. Although he has broad experience, including several conferences and an INK talk, many of Jeroen’s speaking engagements take place at schools or universities, and are made in front of younger audiences. Jeroen believes these are the people who will determine the future of the planet, and undo the damage done by their forebears.

Getting in touch.

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Keynote Speeches

Jeroen’s first book, Together We Can Turn Tides – A Manifesto to Save the Oceans, Planet and Ourselves, provides a fascinating backdrop for his keynote speaking engagements. He enjoys drawing on his professional experiences from the last 30 years, and on the fascinating, yet often frightening, facts and figures uncovered in the book. Jeroen’s enthusiasm for helping others make the right decisions about what they do with their time, what careers they choose, and how they live their lives is guaranteed a warm reception.

Schools and Universities

Jeroen is probably most at home speaking at schools and universities. He is a regular presenter at the international schools in Singapore and Malaysia, and his material is diverse enough for him to make multiple appearances with the same audience. His talks typically revolve around education and career choices, and how to live a life of balance and happiness, that aligns with your core values.

Moderating and Facilitating

Although he can be a controversial speaker in his own right, Jeroen is equally at home as a moderator. He has a knack of getting to the heart of an issue, is never afraid to tackle difficult topics, and is comfortable provoking the panel if the discussion isn’t hitting the right notes with the audience.

Conferences and Panels

In October 2017 the European Union Delegation to Singapore and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands co-presented an event called: “Towards A Plastic-Free Ocean: What role for policy makers, civil society and business?”. Jeroen sat on one of the main panels and was asked to speak on how societies can take steps towards reducing plastic waste, increasing awareness and public concern, and how the circular economy can become a reality.

Motivational Speaking

As a boy Jeroen was crazy about the oceans, but in his early career he did nothing to pursue his passion. Like many others, he became caught up in the rat race: he worked, built a career, then had a family. It was not until his forties that Jeroen had an epiphany. He had become a successful, wealthy businessman, but it wasn’t enough. This was not the life he wanted. In one fell swoop Jeroen gave up his job in oil and gas, and launched Orca Scuba – the vehicle he created to highlight the seriousness of the problems facing the planet’s oceans, to develop change projects, to touch the hearts of younger generations, and to begin turning tides. This journey has given Jeroen unique insight and his own philosophy on corporate life, travel, entrepreneurship, and the importance of being true to your values. These issues form the basis of his motivational speaking engagements.

Television and Press Interviews

Jeroen has appeared in many press interviews, and is happy to make contributions on the television, radio and in print. Anything will be considered, provided it will help raise awareness of the environmental issues that face the world’s oceans, and will help spread the conservation message: that everyone can find a way to get involved and make a difference.